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Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Britney To Play China In October

Posted by A51JM at 1:26 PM | Discuss

The BBC reported that Britney will perform 5 dates in China around Beijing and Shanghai in October. Official dates for the country are being announced next week.


China Places Conditions on Britney Tour

Posted by A51JM at 1:14 PM | Discuss

China to Britney: Come perform but leave the revealing outfits at home. Britney Spears' first China tour has been approved by the Culture Ministry, but they want to know what she's wearing before she hits the stage, the official China News Service reported Tuesday.

Spears, who is currently on a world tour to promote her latest album "In The Zone," will perform five concerts in Shanghai and Beijing sometime next year, CNS said.

Wang Enqiang, an agent for Spears' Chinese promoter, Beijing Poly Culture and Art Co. Ltd., said the star planned to come to the mainland in 2004, but he had no information about ministry concerns.

However, the star's sexy image has caused concern. Culture officials have asked the concert's Chinese organizers to guarantee she doesn't show too much skin on stage, CNS said.

"Relevant departments will carry out strict reviews of Britney Spears' performance clothing," the report said.

It wasn't clear what standards inspectors will use or how they would be enforced. A spokesman for Spears could not be immediately reached.

The head of the Culture Ministry's performance division, Pan Yan, said she hadn't received a performance application and couldn't comment on the report.

An unidentified spokesman for the concert's Chinese organizers was quoted by CNS as saying the ministry's wishes would be respected.

But he said Spears' outfits and stage show are the same on each stop of the tour and it would be "impossible to make up clothes specially for the China performances."

With more than 54 million records sold worldwide, Spears would be one of the biggest international pop stars to play here since the communist state's establishment in 1949.

Thanks to Martin


Jackson Ask Friends to Taunt Britney

Posted by A51JM at 1:32 AM | Discuss

The jilted ex of Britney Spears' boyfriend has urged pals to launch a bitter assault on the pop beauty - because she's too busy to do it herself.

Britney started dating dancer Kevin Federline last month (MAY04), but furious actress Shar Jackson - who is the mother of his two-year-old daughter and is currently pregnant with his second child - is determined to enact her revenge on the singer.

However, Jackson has asked friends to hound the Toxic star with vicious cellphone text messages on her behalf - because she's too weighed down with the demands of motherhood.

A source tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "Shar is extremely irritated because she's so busy and worn out looking after the daughter she already has with Kevin. She sees snaps of Britney and Kevin looking loved-up and is bound to feel fed up.

"Obviously carrying his child doesn't help, but she feels angry rather than betrayed. So she has asked her friends to text Britney on her mobile to say what she thinks of her."

Source: ContactMusic


Sunday, May 30, 2004

Britney The Man In The Relationship

Posted by A51JM at 12:48 AM | Discuss

Looks like Kevin Federline will not be taking Britney on any romantic cruises around town or dates, his driving license has been suspended. Whoops! Kevin's license was suspended when he failed to pay two fines totallying $225, imposted for not paying on a toll road and for driving without plates. A court clerk in Orange County, California was quoted at ratethemusic.com saying "If he gets pulled over for anything his car will be impounded and he could go to jail." Sorry Britney, you'll have to him out now.


Cameron Wishes for Britney Body

Posted by A51JM at 12:34 AM | Discuss

Britney Spears has been named the sexiest woman in the world - by her former boyfriend Justin Timerlake's current beau Cameron Diaz.
The Charlie's Angels star, 31, says she finds it hard to keep up with the 22-year-old's slender looks now she's into her thirties.

And Diaz - who has been dating Timberlake since last June (03) - wishes she had a body as good as the TOXIC beauty.

She laments, "I'm feeling the pinch of time. Britney Spears is killing me! Her body is like ca-razy! Obviously she's like 12, but she's the sexist thing out there."

"Seriously though, what girls need to know is that if they had make-up people touching them up every time they sweat, they too could look just as amazing in there own way".

From Keely

I don't know if this was a compliment or a negative remark towards Britney.


Alicia Keys On Britney

Posted by A51JM at 12:32 AM | Discuss

Alicia Keys was the DJ guest on Carson Daly's top 10 countdown earlier this week. After 'Everytime' by Britney played on the countdown Alicia said she really loved how emotional the song is and it is was very sweet and thoughful the way Britney is reaching out to Justin Timberlake with her music.

Alicia said that is a great way to reach out and express your true feelings to loved ones.

From Keely


Britney Is Really Is That Good

Posted by A51JM at 12:31 AM | Discuss

The great Britney debate.
As Britney Spears preprares to make her Belfast debut at the Odyssey Arena next Tuesday, we ponder the burning question: is she really THAT talented?

YES says Maria Rolston

Aside from Christina, no other pop diva has so skilfully honed the art of flaunting her body, removing her clothing and making men drool in the way Britney does. And all at the same time as singing and dancing.

Now if that's not a talent, I don't know what is.

There's no denying it, Britney satisfies every man's fantasy while working the body of every woman's dreams.

When it comes to creating a live stage-show sensation it takes more than talent to transfer raw sexual energy from bedroom to stage. Only Britney possesses that X factor to sustain such raunchy performances in front of an audience.

It might be the oldest trick in the show-business book - using sex to sell a product - but when it comes to the combined commercial package of singing, dancing and making great pop music, Spears is a one-in-a million sell-out.

Britney's name was once synonymous with the squeaky-clean yet flirtatiously sexy school girl image cultivated in her 1998 debut hit Baby One More Time.

At 19, Britney captured the world's attention with her debut album's title track video, prancing around in a mock school uniform wearing a tight white blouse, short skirt, knee high socks and kinky little pony tails. The idea for the video was, apparently, Britney's own. "Something cute yet kind of nerdy," she had suggested. And Britney fast became the first female artist ever to have her debut single and album hit the No 1 spot in the US in the same week.

But that's not where it started for Britney Spears. Now releasing her fourth multi-million selling album, Britney can look back on a phenomenal music industry career that began at an exceptionally early age.

But what really got Britney where she is today? Hard work, determination and ultimately talent have kept Britney at the top of a fickle pop industry that's seen many lesser talents crash and burn.

She has sustained a rabid global fanbase for over half decade and is currently the most sought after internet search-engine name in the world. As for business acumen, Britney knows what it takes to stay out front. Just like Madonna, she has reinvented her image countless times, making sure she stays in the public eye.

And 'that kiss' with Madonna at the MTV awards last year was the smartest publicity stunt she could possibly pull.

It's true, Britney has made mistakes - she's only human and still has a lot of growing up to do. But the public can't get enough of her. Hit me Britney one more time.

NO says Edwin McFee

Normally when you think of Britney Spears, a couple of things spring to mind.

Now before our mucky minded readers get all hot under the collar, I'm not talking about the teen queen's physical assets (well, not yet anyway).

The two things which have made Britney the star she is are her schoolgirl outfit in the Baby One More Time video and her failed romance with curly-bapped singer turned modern-day stud muffin Justin Timberlake.

While Britney is keen to show herself as every bit the diva that fellow Mickey Mouse Club drop-out Christina Aguilera is, you'd be hard-pushed to find Ms Spears engaging in vocal gymnastics that come close to those of X-Tina.

In fact, the last time they were both on stage together was at 2003's MTV Awards. Wisely deciding that her singing couldn't quite match up to her rival's, Britney decided that the best way to get attention was to snog Madonna in front of millions of shocked viewers - much to Aguilera's chagrin. It was a smooth PR move that put Britney on the front page of the world's newspapers.

It's quite telling that you'd have difficulty finding someone to remember the song she sang pre-snog.

Britney Spears is a fantastic spectacle. She's like Courtney Love repackaged for the Pop Idol generation, and just like Ms Love, no-one really loves her songs do they?

Everyone remembers Britney for the videos she shoots. Take Oops I Did It Again, for example. I can't for the life of me recall what the chorus sounds like, but I do remember her skin-tight red PVC cat-suit from the video in specific detail.

The same goes for recent single Toxic. While the tune may have went to No 1 methinks it was a case of dads around the UK buying the single so they could see a practically naked Britney on Top Of The Pops - and who can blame them?

So does Britney not have any musical talent, then? Well, take a look at ITV's karaoke show Stars In Their Eyes. Every year there's always someone who mimics Britney, and to be honest they do a great job of it too. So if pretending to be a teen queen is so easy to scores of wannabes around the country, she mustn't be that good a singer right?

One could argue that Britney is merely a great actress, milking her audience for all they're worth. But having seen her debut movie Crossroads, I think it's safe to say that Kate Beckinsale isn't out of a job just yet.

Britney is an icon for every reason but the right one. She has everything every teenage girl could have wanted. She's got the money, the looks and up until recently, Justin Trousersnake himself.

What's missing from the puzzle is her music. If Britney spent as much time on her songs as she did on her make-up then she could be an important young lady indeed.

From BritBratt1216@aol.com


Saturday, May 29, 2004

Austrialian "In The Zone" DVD

Posted by A51JM at 3:02 PM | Discuss

Brent emailed us the following:

Just letting u know that the "In the zone" DVD was only just released in Australia and the bonus CD has the following tracks:

1. I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)
2. Girls & Boys
3. Toxic (Lenny Bertoldo Radio Mix)
4. Me Against The Music (Bloodshy & Avant's Chix Mix)

I think "I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)" & "Girls & Boys" are new britney songs - they sound awesome! I don't know if they have or will be released in the U.S. but they should be avaliable to listen to somewhere on the net.

The U.S. bonus CD's tracks 1 & 2 are replaced by "Don't Hang Up" & "The Answer" which were released as bonus tracks on the Australian "In the zone" Album.


Friday, May 28, 2004

Britney No Home Wrecker

Posted by A51JM at 5:14 PM | Discuss

This is an article from this weeks US Weekly.

Britney Spears IS NOT A HOMEWRECKER. At least that's what dancer Kevin Federline's aunt, Diane Story, of Pendleton, Oregon, tells Hot Stuff. According to Story, Federline's relationship with actress Shar Jackson, 27, who is eight months pregnant with his child (and is the mom of their 2-year-old daughter, Kori), dissolved long before Spears appeared. "Their romantic relationship had been over before Britney," she says, "but he is giving her money and taking care of his responsibilities."

An insider reports that Federline, 26, has also been helping Spears, 22, by taming her party ways. But intimates complain she hasn't made the best of her newfound free time. "Britney's put on a lot of weight, but doesn't care," the source says. "She's hating every minute of the tour. All she does when she's not onstage is sit in her room, eat, drink, and watch TV." (A Spears rep cracked, "If only I could be as fat as she is.") Meanwhile, in GQ'S June issue, Spears's ex-hubby, Jason Alexander, 22, says he hasn't received a dime from the pop star, and that-yep-he may pursue acting. One of his top choices for a leading lady? Christina Aguilera. "I wouldn't mind doing some work with her," he says.

Thanks MoOnPaws from our Britney Spears Forum


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Singles Chart In

Posted by A51JM at 5:27 PM | Discuss

Mike emailed me letting us know that Everytime jumped 25 positions to #26 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart.

Paul emailed to say that Everytime is now # 11 on the CHR POP, a positive move of 5 positions. Toxic is # 20, droping 4 positions.

In The Zone is # 40, droping 6 positions.
Everytime is # 13 on the Top 40, a positive move of 10 positions.


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