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PHP 4.3.7RC1 released!

[25-May-2004] PHP 4.3.7RC1 has been released for testing. This is the first release candidate and should have a very low number of problems and/or bugs. Nevertheless, please download and test it as much as possible on real-life applications to uncover any remaining issues.

List of changes can be found in the NEWS file.

Call to speaker for Paris Forum 2004

[17-May-2004] The AFUP, Association Française des Utilisateurs de PHP, is proud to announce the forum PHP 2004. For this unique event in France, we are looking for the best French speaking experts, who want to share their know-how and enthusiasm.

The forum PHP features 2 days, with distinct themas:

  • Technical day, with the most advanced PHP technics
  • Business day, with user cases and successful projects

The forum PHP 2004 will take place in Paris, at the FIAP Jean Monnet, on thursday 25th and friday 26th, november 2004.
More information in French at this URL.

php|works 2004 Call for Papers

[07-May-2004] php|architect has announced php|works 2004, a three-day conference dedicated to PHP, its companion technologies and the business of open-source software that will be held in Toronto, Canada, September 22, 23 and 24, 2004.

Effective now, and until May 21st, the php|works team is soliciting a Call for Papers for speakers who want to present at the conference. The CfP is open to the public, and your talk ideas are welcome!

For more information, visit the php|works website.

PHP 5 Release Candidate 2 Released!

[25-Apr-2004] The second Release Candidate of PHP 5 is now available! This mostly bug fix release improves PHP 5's stability and irons out some of the remaining issues before PHP 5 can be deemed release quality. Note that it is still not recommended for mission-critical use but people are encouraged to start playing with it and report any problems.

Key changes since Release Candidate 1 include:

  • The Zend Engine I compatibility mode (zend.ze1_compatibility_mode) has been re-implemented to more accurately support PHP 4's object auto-clone behavior.
  • All object-oriented extensions except for MySQLi have moved to studlyCaps. This includes SQLite, SOAP, Reflection API, Ming and others.
  • Implementing an interfaces and/or abstract method with the wrong prototype is now a fatal error. For backwards compatibility, re-implementing regular methods with the wrong prototype will only result in an E_STRICT warning.
  • Features as described in the Release Candidate 1 release announcement
  • And lots more...

For changes since Release Candidate 1, please consult the ChangeLog.

PHP 4.3.6 released!

[15-Apr-2004] The PHP Development Team is proud to announce the release of PHP 4.3.6. This is is a bug fix release whose primary goal is to address two bugs which may result in crashes in PHP builds with thread-safety enabled. All users of PHP in a threaded environment (Windows) are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this release.

All in all this release fixes approximately 25 bugs that have been discovered since the 4.3.5 release. For a full list of changes in PHP 4.3.6, see the ChangeLog.

Second PHP Marathon announced

[06-Apr-2004] DotGeek.org is proud to announce the second PHP Programming Marathon to be held on the 24 April 2004. Instead of receiving the problems and composing your solutions offline, it all takes place online and within a specific timeframe. The Marathon is kindly sponsored by Zend Technologies and will now feature a problem on PHP 5. Participation is free of charge.

PHP 5 Release Candidate 1 Released!

[18-Mar-2004] The first Release Candidate of PHP 5 is finally here! The move from Beta stage to RC stage means that PHP 5 is now feature complete, and is quite stable - stable enough for everyone to start playing with. Note that it is still not recommended for mission-critical use.

Some of the key features of PHP 5 include:

  • The Zend Engine II with a new object model and dozens of new features.
  • XML support has been completely redone in PHP 5, all extensions are now focused around the excellent libxml2 library (http://www.xmlsoft.org/).
  • A new MySQL extension named MySQLi for developers using MySQL 4.1 and later. This new extension includes an object-oriented interface in addition to a traditional interface; as well as support for many of MySQL's new features, such as prepared statements.
  • SQLite has been bundled with PHP. For more information on SQLite, please visit their website.
  • A brand new built-in SOAP extension for interoperability with Web Services.
  • A new SimpleXML extension for easily accessing and manipulating XML as PHP objects. It can also interface with the DOM extension and vice-versa.
  • Streams have been greatly improved, including the ability to access low-level socket operations on streams.
  • And lots more...

For changes since Beta 4, please consult the ChangeLog.

Spanish PHP Mailing List Now at PHP.net

[29-Feb-2004] The Spanish PHP mailing list was relocated to our list server. If you would like to subscribe to the list, you can do it via our mailing lists page. To read the archives, please see our news server.

International PHP Conference 2004 Amsterdam: Timetable and Open Source PHP projects

[27-Feb-2004] Having the CfP over now, the organizers of the International PHP Conference 2004 Spring Edition Amsterdam have published the session and workshop timetable. The Conference features 32 sessions and two power workshops. It will happen again at the RAI Conference Centre, Amsterdam.

Open Source PHP projects can present themselves, like in the last years, for free on the Conference at the exhibition area between the commercial exhibitors. Take your chance and contact Frank Stepan from Software & Support.

Conférence PHP Québec 2004 - (Montréal, March 25&26rst, 2004)

[11-Feb-2004] The PHP Québec Association announces the Conference PHP Québec 2004. The conference features 20 sessions over 2 days, in English and French. 3 tracks : PHP advanced technics, PHP professionnal and Open Source technologies. It will take place downtown Montréal, Québec, Canada.

We are currently offering early bird prices. Students and Small Businesses are eligible for reduced prices. Buy your tickets early to get rebates and discount with the DVD!

Learn more about those exciting days at conf.phpquebec.com.

PaWS Tickets Now On Sale!

[05-Feb-2004] The PaWS Group is proud to announce that tickets are now available for the first PHP and Web Standards Conference. We are offering Weekend tickets (Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd only) as well as Conference tickets (Friday 20th - Tuesday 24th) for the entire length of the event. Additionally, we also have Daily tickets available for each day of the conference. Tickets will also be available on the door for those that simply want to drop in.

For ticket and accommodation Prices, look over our pricing guide for more information. Purchase your tickets today for this one of a kind conference!

Call for Papers Reminder: O'Reilly Open Source Convention

[03-Feb-2004] The 2004 O'Reilly Open Source Convention will be in Portland OR, July 26-30. Submit your PHP-related talks and tutorials until the February 9 deadline.

php|cruise deadline set for February 15th

[16-Jan-2004] The organizers of the php|cruise conference (March 1st through March 5th, 2004) have announced that February 15th will be the deadline to sign up for the event. php|cruise features over 30 sessions, covering material from beginner to advanced level, and takes place onboard a cruise ship bound for the Bahamas islands.

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