Viewing the Member List
The member list is a list of every member who is currently registered on the board. You can view the information in the list or click on a member name to view that member's complete profile.

The list can be re-sorted by selecting one of the fields from the drop-down box on the right hand side. You can also change the sequence of the sort from ascending to descending. For example, a descending sort by last visit date will show the members who have most recently visited the forum first.

You can also use the member list to search for a member. Searching for a member is simple if you keep in mind that asterisks are place holders that signify that you don't care about the characters in that position. For example *ron* will find every member with the characters "ron" anywhere in their name. This search will return sharon, Ronald, sharona, etc.. (Searching is not case sensitive so it does not matter if you use upper or lower case for your search.) If you search with *ron then sharon and sharona will be returned but not ronald. All the members that match your search will be displayed in the list.

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