Using the Calendar
The calendar is used to track events such as birthdays, anniversaries, surgery dates, or any other important date. Click on the mini-con link for the calendar in the upper right hand side of the screen and the calendar with events for the current month will be displayed. You can use the select boxes or arrows to view any month.

To add an event to the calendar, find the calendar for the month you want to add an event to and then click on the day you want. This will display the details for that day. Click on the add event button to add an event to that day. You will be brought to a screen that looks just like the Post a New Topic screen because it is the Post a New Topic screen. Simply fill out the details and hit submit. Make sure the subject is descriptive because only the subject will display on the calendar.

When you create an event you are actually creating a topic in the Events forum. Events work exactly like topics and you can reply to them the same way that you can reply to any other topic. Simply click on the event in the monthly calendar and you will be brought to the same topic display screen that is used for all other topics.

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