Using the Map
The map on our forums is here for two reasons:

  1. To help you find another parent who lives near you
  2. Because it's fun!

Even beyond the usefulness of being able to find someone in your area to share with and learn from, maps are just fun. And looking at a map with all the little dots indicating a family with a child with Down syndrome spread all over the world makes it even more clear that you are not alone.

Getting your location on the map is very easy. There are several ways to do it but they all start with your profile page. Go to your profile page and then find the location section.
  • You can set your longitude and latitude if you know it. OK, so it's fairly unlikely that you know your latitude and longitude so... you can try the next option
  • Click on the find your coordinates link next to the longitude and latitude and then follow the instructions. This option will let you click on the map to set your latitude and longitude.
  • You can enter a zip code, postal code, city and state or a city and country in the Map Zip/Postal Code field and the forum will try to find your latitude and longitude.

The last option won't work for you if you live in the United Kingdom. The Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey Crown Copyright apparently prevents looking up a city in England and giving the latitude and longitude. Sorry. People from the United Kingdon will have to choose option 2.

Once you have set your location, when you go to the profile page of any other member you will see how many miles away they are from if they have set their location. Cool, huh?

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