Reading the Forums
Now that you have registered, you can read the posts in our forums and reply to them.

You will notice that the board is broken up into separate forums such as Introductions, Brags, and Education to help track specific subject areas and locate specific topics of interest. Within each forum are topics or threads that track a specific question or comment.

The board can be rather busy at times so there are several features that help you track the posts you haven't read yet. For example, pictures (called icons) are used to help you determine which forums have chnaged since your last visit.

- posts were added since your last visit.

- no new posts.

You can also look inside a forum and see which topics have new posts.

There are two special types of topics inside the forums.

- This identifies a special announcement. You should read the announcements before you post in a forum. You can not reply to an announcement.

- This identifies a "sticky" topic. Sticky topics always stay near the top of the topic list and usually have subjects that are of special interest. You can reply to a sticky topic.

You can find a list of all the topics that have been added or updated since your last visit by clicking on the "View posts since last visit" link that you can find at the top right side of the front page of the board. Under those are links that will display all the topics you have replied to and all the topics that have not had replies.

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