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kindergarten twice????

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PostPosted: February 22 2007, 5:58 PM    Post subject:
kindergarten twice????
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My question is: I would like for my little guy to go thru kindergarten again. We think that it would really do him some good. I have talked to his teacher and she does too. I would also like for him to have her again. He is doing great in her class and what would another year hurt?

Well I phoned the L E A at the school. ( the person over the special ed department) She said no to holding him back. I am so angry. She also said if he were to be held back that she would not let him have the same teacher or one on one.

What can I do ?????????? I asked when our next meeting was and it is in may.

Suggestions PLEASE.

Thanks Lori

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PostPosted: February 22 2007, 6:23 PM    Post subject:
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I would STRONGLY suggest repeating 1st grade and not kindergarten. You have very limited years of school to play with. He can only be in until he's 21 (seems a long time away doesn't it?) and those last 2 years are critical transition years. BUT...repeating too many grades eats up that time. You have to choose VERY CAREFULLY what to repeat.

Socially, kindergarten and 1st grade are very much the same, but academically they are different. Repeating first grade allows them to be taught those very basic reading and math skills twice, to have a solid foundation to move onto second grade, because second grade is a HUGE jump from 1st.

Just my thoughts. We debated about repeating kindergarten, and a very wise parent with a child much older than mine (going through transition at age 19) told me to be very very careful when repeating. Look at what it is you want to gain from the repeat. If its something that can be worked on in the next grade, then move them on. And socially, there is NOT alot of difference between Kindergarten and 1st.

So we moved her up to 1st. She struggled with the academic part. But you know what? If we'd had her repeat Kindergarten she STILL would have struggled with 1st grade, and then what? So we repeated 1st grade and it was !!!WONDERFUL!!!

Later she basically missed her entire 2nd grade. Again, we debated about her repeating, but my friend (same one) reminded me about that darned transition time. Because of where her birthday falls she's already down to just one year of it. So no more repeating for us. She's always going to be behind at this point, and we just have to accept that part. The gap continues to get bigger and bigger and no amount of holding her back is going to make her catch up.


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PostPosted: February 22 2007, 8:13 PM    Post subject:
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Noah went to kindergarten last year 1/2 day. This year kindergarten switched to full day, so we decided that since he didn't get much out of the 1/2 day, we'd do kindergarten again, and we requested the same teacher, and he is in class with his sister Halle. So now, they will go through school together and hopefully be in the same grade throughout the rest of their school years. A second year of kindergarten did WONDERS for Noah. The teacher comments on how last year he barely spoke to anyone, was very shy, never volunteered for anything, and this year he is just the opposite and doing so well. I'm all for it, and no matter what we suggested, the school was completely willing to do whatever we wanted. We have no regrets.

Vonda, mommy to Peyton, Sophie, Noah(Ds) and Halle
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PostPosted: March 07 2007, 12:13 PM    Post subject:
Ii depends on your kindergarten
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With the no child left behind act it really depends on what is being taught in kindergarten. I know many schools around here are doing first grade in kindergarten. If yours is doing first grade work...sight words, reading, math (addition, subtraction) then repeating could be a benefit. If they are not then I have to go with the previous poster...better to repeat first grade. However, if your child isn't quite ready to sit behind a desk all day then you have to weigh that all in to the equation. Good Luck! Such hard decisions we parents have to make. I know now a days it is so common to hold children back especially if they are a boy. There are some great articles about this topic. Goodsearch or google "redshirting" The term used to refer to holding kids back.

Sherry Smile
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PostPosted: March 10 2007, 9:20 PM    Post subject:
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Hi Lori! Where I taught it was up to the teacher/principal if the child repeated a grade. What does the principal say? And I agree with lespring about kindergarten/1st grade. We aren't sure what to do with Jack either...he's only 3, but he'll be eligible for kindergarten before we know it and we aren't sure if we should let him start when he's 5 or wait until he's 6.

Maybe call the principal or teacher and see if you can meet with them without the LEA and see what they have to say. Or call the principal and just see what he/she has to say over the phone. That way you can vent a little and not have to wait until May.



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