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early intervention transition meeting.

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mary c
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PostPosted: November 21 2006, 11:07 AM    Post subject:
early intervention transition meeting.
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Anna's meeting on her transition to CPSE from EI is scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving. Right now she is in a typical nursery school two year old program two mornings a week, and then receives PT, OT, and ST at home two sessions a week each. She has her special instructor for 45 minutes for her two nursery school sessions and then the SI comes to the house once a week. All of her therapists are unanimous that due to her curious mix of talents and issues, a special ed format, at least one available locally, is not the best model for Anna.

Our plan is to continue what we have been doing, but to try to increase the special instructor hours. At school, Anna is pretty quiet and doesn't engage fully when the SI is not there. She walks, but is still not very sure on her feet, especially on uneven surfaces like the playground. She can't yet climb stairs safely on her own. I had a talk with the nursery school director today who thought Anna needed an aid with her in school, not to teach her cognitive things or speech things specifically, but for safety sake and to get her to engage more with the other kids. The director agreed that cognitively Anna is way ahead of the game as she has already mastered all the "academic" subjects taught at nursery school--colors, shapes, letters. The director told me that at our meeting we have to make sure that the committee looks beyond the label of DS to see Anna's amazing strengths, along with her motor weaknesses. Any thoughts? I will admit I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing, although I've had plenty of practice, having done IEP meetings for years with my son. It's kind of funny--both DH and myself are lawyers (litigators no less) and yet the idea of doing battle for my kid is painful. Battle is probably not the right word--we don't plan on getting contenious, unless of course, push comes to shove.

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Carson's Mom
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PostPosted: November 21 2006, 11:26 AM    Post subject:
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Good luck Mary. So far I have found that if they know you will push for what you want it is a lot easier to get. That is certainly not how it should be, but if it works you go with it. The people I deal with are used to people that just say OK so they don't have to make any effort. I don't do that and somehow I don't envision that to be you. I am sure you will be successful.



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PostPosted: November 21 2006, 2:01 PM    Post subject:
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We were told that if Callum needed a one on one aid then he belonged in a special education class, as that would be less restrictive!!

We ended up enrolling him in a head start program for 3 hours each day. There is a dedicated special education assistant who looks after the 4 kids with IEPs, plus other assistants, a general education teacher and a special education teacher who splits her time between 2 classes.

Callum loves it! he gets interaction with peers, one on one with his therapists, one on one time with the special education teacher and lots of love from the special education assistant. His speech has improved a lot since he's been attending and he really seems to have grown up. Previously he was at a private daycare 5 days a week with 2 hours of ST and 1 hour of education per week with PT being done privately.

Good luck and I hope it all works out Smile We did have a battle to get Callum where we wanted him to be and I ended up crying after every meeting, but I'm very glad that we did do it.

Mum to Callum (DS) 3/03 and Kieran 8/04
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PostPosted: November 21 2006, 4:21 PM    Post subject:
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Mary, I think the IEP team should want what is best for Anna, although funding and placement availablity seem to also play a role (which it shouldn't). With that being said, it might help your movement if you got supportive letters from her current teachers and therapists. Then you are 1 step ahead of the team and they might be more likely to lean in your favor. It can't hurt to be ahead of the game. I think if she has already mastered the pre-school agenda, then there should be no reason not to put her in a regular classroom.
Good luck! I will be thinking about you guys!


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