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Data to persuade doctor

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PostPosted: November 04 2008, 6:48 PM    Post subject:
Data to persuade doctor
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Hi, this is my first posting since my baby's born. Luis is currently 5 months old and very healthy. He has no medical conditions but has hypotonia and is receiving physical therapy. Since his birth I've been reading a lot. I'm so frieghted by the high prevalence of Autism, hypothyroidism, etc. I'd like to think that I can provide a healthier outlook for my baby. I've been reading about TNI and I'd like to let him try it but I'd like my insurance (I have Kaiser) to pay for the blood test for any mineral deficiency. My pediatrician thinks that if Luis is putting on weight then he doesn't need any intervention. I think he can improve his sleep pattern (he hardly naps) and has very dry skin, both things worry me.

Can you guys recommend any good medical journals or resources that I can pass on to my doctor? I'd also would appreciate any kind of rationale that I can use when I meet with her to convience her that this is worth a try. I have come across many articles but I'd like your input on which ones are considered trustworthy.

If it means anything, he's currently on half breastmilk and half formula.

By the way, I need to take the time to post pictures on this forum...He is very cute and we adore him...but it's been a non-stop whirlwind since Luis joined us and I've never posted pictures in a forum before...

Thank you and I'm glad you guys are here!
Yvonne, wife to Orlando, mommy to Luis (DS, 5/22/2008)
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Asa's Momma
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PostPosted: November 18 2008, 4:49 PM    Post subject:
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Hi Yvonne,

I started my Asa on MSB plus at about 5 or 6 months. I didn't have an overall preference to the makeup between Nutrivene and MSB plus. I liked the information Nutrichem (MSB plus) provided. I can't say for sure if the vitamins are beneficial - I think they keep him healthier, but I at least want to give Asa the best possible chances. He also happens to have a variation of Cystic Fibrosis (he technically does not have it but only a variation that he may develop symptoms every once in awhile Confused ). So keeping him as healthy as possible was my number 1 goal. The Nutrchem website has a lot of information They have the book written by Kent Macleod (the developer of MSB plus) and a supplement fact sheet. I don't know if this would be enough for your insurance, but there is an awful lot of info.

Photos you can post in your messages or in your profile message using a public photo site such as photobucket and flickr. The picture URL needs to begin with [img] and end with [/img] - don't forget the back slash in the end img... You can copy and paste most URLs.


"Life is What You Make it..."

Jackie (34 yrs.) - wife to Brian (31 yrs.) and Momma to Asa (3 yrs.).
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