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Chicken Pox?

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PostPosted: July 17 2010, 1:33 PM    Post subject:
Chicken Pox?
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So a little background... my family is very prone to the chicken pox. There are 4 siblings in my family all within 5 years of eachother, we all had them when I was about 7 and mine was a terrible case then all four of us got them as young adults again, another terrible case for me. My oldest son had them 3 times, all caught from the varicella vaccine and my oldest daughter had them twice, both caught from the vaccine. I was very hesitant to get my 2 year old vaccinated for this reason but finally gave in when at her 2 year apt and luckily she had no problems with it.

Kyle has broken out in what I am almost certain is chicken pox. He is not 12 months yet so has not been elligible for the vaccine. I'm pretty sure he got it when we went to the ER last week for croup and since he had the flu already all the flu like symptoms went unnoticed until he started breaking out yesterday.

It's Saturday and I didn't notice until after 4 yesterday so going into the doctors is a no-go till monday. As far as I can tell it's not a "severe" case, he only has maybe 20-30 pox so far but they keep popping up. I understand he is considered "high-risk" but I really don't think this is something I need to take him into urgent care for? Suggestions? Experience? Anyone else deal with their baby with Down syndrome getting this? Is he more prone to get sicker then usual or more prone to have a more severe case? Especially since he is getting over the flu with a side case of viral croup? He's sleeping and eating okay and is just mildly grumpy?

Argh. I never knew that the down syndrome would make my experience as a mother 3 other times just go out the window... I've been here before several times why can't I just relax!

-Heidi wife of Kevin and Mom to Nikolai-10, MaryKate-8, Sara-2, and Kyle (T21)-9/27/09
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PostPosted: July 17 2010, 2:21 PM    Post subject:
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ahh poor little guy....Mazie is my youngest of 7 and I feel the same way at times you would think she was my first..LOL I always tend to error on the side of caution, our doc's office always has one of the peds on call to give advice. if you can give a call in my experience mazie doesn't react to illness the way my other kids did. hope that helps hang in there..... Laughing

Lisa Wife to Glenn Mom to Johnathan 24 Allison 21 Chad 15 Greta 14 Sarah 12 Jennifer 9 and Mazie 6 (DS/ vsd repair 8/03)

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PostPosted: July 17 2010, 9:03 PM    Post subject:
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I feel the same way. EVen though Talitha is my fourth child she has been a steep learning curve. I always take her to the doctor if I am concerned where I would have held off for the other kids. It sounds like he does have chicken pox but I wouldn't be too worried - just keep an eye on him and take him to the doctor on Monday.
The main thing would be to make sure he doesn't develop a high fever (which he shouldn't with chicken pox) so I would be giving him something just in case. I do that with Talitha if she gets a mild cold with a mild fever - I will treat the fever so that it doesn't get too high. It might help with his grumpiness too.

Mum to Nikki (Jul 89), Stefanie (Sep 96), Joel [June 98] and Talitha (DS) (Nov 05) AVSD/PDA repaired 23 March 06

"I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well." Psalm 139:14
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PostPosted: July 18 2010, 1:49 AM    Post subject:
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Hope Kyle is feeling a little better! Ethan has just had chicken pox for the second time. He had it really mildly last summer......but this time he was covered from head to toe! I just found Ethan was grumpy for a few days but still managed to eat and drink ok....we just had a few sleepless nights because of the itching! I do think I worried more this time, especially as it was his second lot!

I think a call to your family dr doesn't's just nice to have that peace of mind sometimes!

Jo, Mum to Georgia 11/11/03 ( BIG High School Musical fan) and Ethan 16/12/07 (DS)

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