the tragic things that happen...

October 11 2006, 4:29 PM

I return to this as a part 2 to my other post. The mom i talked about previously just lost her baby boy. I guess lost isn't really the right word. She went in at 36 weeks because she hadn't felt moment in awhile and the baby had died. I just can't imagine her and her husband's pain. And the fact that they have a very confused 4 year old wondering what happened to his baby brother. 4 weeks to go! How can this happen in this day and age. And then you have to deliver your baby...I am seriously at a loss of words today.

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mary c
That happened to a good friend of mine 17 years ago. To this day my friend still mourns this loss and talks about it frequently. I will say a prayer for your friend and her 4 year old grieving for his baby brother.
wild angel
I dont know what to say...i have had 2 miscarrages and they were early but to lose your baby at that stage...i'm not a religious person but will say a prayer for them....this brought tears to my eyes to read...i know how excited our boy were to see blake to have to explain something like that is beyond reasoning....prayers and hugs to the family
I am really impressed!!!,

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