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Down Syndrome: To Noah With Love
Two Poems by Vonda Weikert

In the spring of 99,
a gift from up above,
was sent to me from heaven
to cherish and to love.
He's not what I expected,
and at first I was afraid,
but who was I to question,
the choice that God had made.
For he gave to me an angel,
so precious and so sweet,
and I thank Him each and every day
that the two of us could meet.
I named my angel Noah,
he's the love that I adore.
He needs me more than ever,
but I truly need him more.
I'll turn my times of sorrow
into happy times at last.
The crying and the heartbreak
will be memories of the past.
We'll look forward to the future
and the milestones that it holds.
We'll battle all the boo boos, the sniffles and the colds.
We're together for a reason,
It was clear right from the start.
I'll be loving him forever, till death our lives will part.


I pushed my little baby out,
they handed him to me.
I looked into his tiny face,
he was as perfect as could be.
Then the doctor said “Down syndrome”,
and my joy turned into fear.
How could he have Down syndrome,
for he was so sweet and dear.
His perfect hands,
his tiny feet and chubby little toes.
His jet black hair, his dark brown eyes,
and little button nose.
They have to be mistaken.
The diagnosis just can’t be.
Then they handed me the test results,
and it was plain to see.
My baby has Down syndrome.
Those words cut like a knife.
My baby has Down syndrome,
and he will for all his life.
I cannot make it better.
It will not go away.
But I can continue to love him,
with every passing day.
For God gave me a child with Down syndrome,
as it was in the plan He had.
And as time goes by I realize, Down syndrome isn’t bad.
My son has filled my heart with love,
and brought me so much joy.
He is my little angel. . . . . . . my perfect little boy!!!!


Copyright © 1999-2002 Vonda Weikert. Used by permission of the author.
No republication is allowed without the permission of Vonda Weikert.


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