Options when Reading Posts
There are several buttons and links that are available while you are viewing a thread. You will notice that the name of the author of a post is a link. Clicking on that link will open a small box that will contain some information about the author. Below the author's name will be some profile information that they have supplied. If they give their location, it will be a link which will open a map.

You might also see a number of stars, perhaps like this: The stars identify the number of years that a person has been a member of the board. Each member receives one star on each anniversary.

At the bottom of each post is a row of icons. You may see one or more of these icons.

- Opens up the author's full profile page including links to their other posts.

- Lets you send the author of this post a private message. (See the private message section of the tour for more details.)

- Lets you send an email to the author.

- If the author has their own web site, this will open a new window to that site.

- If the author has a Yahoo Instant Messenger account, this will let you send them an instant message.

There may be other icons for other instant message services such as AIM.

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